What to do in the City

Now that I have gone to Sweden to visit The Swede, I am hoping that he and his youngest daughter will come to California to visit me.

Of course, I’d love to host The Swede for Burning Man, but since that’s unlikely to happen I’ve made a Plan B.

First of all, Tejas offered to host The Swede and his daughter.

He has the room, I do not.

He has no pets. I have a cat, which The Swede’s daughter is allergic to.

So sweet of Tejas to offer.

Which means we will be a foursome exploring the Bay Area.

I am loathe to go to the city (SF) since I drive a big truck and it’s IMPOSSIBLE to find parking in the city for a truck, but I think perhaps we could manage a day or two in the city, especially since Tejas is really familiar with San Francisco and can help me navigate around.

Here are some ideas I have for what to do:

  • Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge
  • Visit Fisherman’s Wharf and feed The Swedes some Bay Area seafood
  • Check out Alcatraz
  • Shop at Union Square
  • Ride a cable car
  • Watch the Giants play baseball
  • Check out the Aquarium of the Bay
  • Visit Ghiradelli Square and enjoy an ice cream sundae
  • Sample Ferry Building food
  • Explore the Walt Disney Family Museum
  • Enjoy an Irish coffee at The Buena Vista

How that for a list of activities to do in San Francisco?

If you have better ideas, please share!

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