Giving up booze

I made every attempt to GAIN WEIGHT my last week before my diet started.

I ate grilled cheese and fondue and pasta.

And I enjoyed it all.

Did I succeed?


I lost three pounds on account of I’ve been sick like a dog with a stupid respiratory virus.

When I open my mouth to speak, I bark.

The sad reality of being sick is that NOTHING TASTES GOOD.

I tried to make myself a gin and tonic and all I tasted was a faint sour flavor when I sampled it.

Being sick prevents me from DRINKING like I usually do.

Ironically, I think that the biggest challenge to my diet will not be the lack of food or calories.


It’s going to be not drinking.

I already know this.

It’s not easy for me to cut back on drinking UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, let alone eliminating it from my diet completely.

Perhaps this is a sign of a problem.

I can’t help it.

One beer becomes a glass of wine which turns into a cocktail and before I know it, I’ve had two or three drinks in a night.

My cousin Jennifer once told me that doctors classify “binge drinking” as more than two glasses of alcohol a night, to which we both replied “then every one I know is a binge drinker!”

Tejas thinks I’m crazy but I’ve bought about 50 bottles of sparkling water to replace the alcohol (and soda) I used to drink.

I just don’t like water, is all.

Of course, it does occur to me that the WHOLE REASON I have to lose weight is too many cocktails.

So this will be good for me, right?

2 thoughts on “Giving up booze

  1. I was startled by how many carbohydrates are in alcoholic beverages. I was even more annoyed when I tried to figure out the calories and carbs. It is as if alcohol erases the carb count on labels.

  2. I love beer, wine and most liquors and mixed drinks. But they are all calorie dense – beer and wine at about 150 a serving and a jigger of whisky or vodka at 100. The worst are mixed drinks with fruit juices and sugars – frozen daquiris are about 800 calories on average. And they are the simplest of simple carbohydrates – they really mess with your blood sugar. So, as someone who always has to watch my weight, I feel your pain. Right now I’m in the process of losing the 5 pounds I gained over the holidays which means no drinking. Once the pounds are gone I’m going to reward myself with a nice pour of really good wine at my favorite wine bar. I find trading up – quality versus quantity – really helps.

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