Bear with me because I feel a rant coming on.

I’ve been a Pinterest member for ages now.

Since back when you had to APPLY to be a member.

It’s been a great way to organize the things I come across on the internet.

And I’ve used it a great deal for collecting Burning Man ideas – on fashion, survival, food, art, photography, etc.

I have loved Pinterest like a beauty addict loves Sephora.

But then I went and did something.

I clicked on an animal rescue story.

Just once.

And now my feed is FILLED with animal rescue stories.

Each one showing a pitiful little creature near death.

I am compelled to click on each one to make sure that the cat or dog is now happy and healthy with a loving family and a warm home.

Every time I am in tears.

Seriously, who cuts off an animal’s feet?

Or chains a pregnant dog in a forest to die?

I don’t know what to do to get rid of all these sad stories.

And maybe it’s saying something about me that I need to look the other way.

But I can’t handle the suffering.

And now my stream is filled with these stories.


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