Nobody loves me

Valentine’s Day is creeping up on me like a bad toe fungus and I find myself in the uncomfortable position once again of being single for a holiday that celebrates couplehood.

I can practically feel the bile rising in my throat when I think of all the sugary sweet sentiments that will be posted onto Facebook for couples celebrating being a couple.

It’s downright nauseating.

Of all the holidays, this is my LEAST favorite.

I can dress up for Halloween.

I can buy gifts for Christmas.

I can cook a ham for Easter.

Eat Mexican food on Cinco de Mayo.

All of these holidays are easy to participate in.

But not so much Valentine’s Day.

And there’s nothing I dislike more than feeling LEFT OUT.

But left out is what I am.

I am reminded of a song a gentleman sang for me in college:

“Nobody love me.

Nobody cares.

Nobody feeds me peaches and pears.”

So, you have been forewarned to expect quite a bit of sass out of me as this holiday approaches.

Because I’m sure as hell not pleased that (yet again) I must survive another fucking Valentine’s Day ALONE.

Thanks for the goddamn reminder!

4 thoughts on “Nobody loves me

  1. It might help if you remember who St. Valentine was and what the original “valentines” were intended to do. St. Valentine wrote letters to prisoners who were sentenced to death. His messages were intended to give them hope about the afterlife. Fast forward to modern times. This romantic BS about having that “special someone” is a marketing ploy of the greeting card industry. I have chosen to view Valentine’s Day as a time when I reconnect with the people I truly love – family and friends who have been with me through thick and thin. So, take this as you will – from your blog I know you have much love in your life. Use Valentine’s Day to make that love stronger. 🙂

  2. I love February! I’m kind of not single, but my Valentine’s Day is spent giving to others. It is the one day I can love on everyone with no repercussions! When near my neighbors, I bake cookies to give away and I always send valentines and buy flowers. I may be ignored, but I’m going to love anyway! (And I never hang out on Facebook. It’s a terrible place to be on Valentines Day.)

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