I have a LOVE / HATE relationship with pasties.

You know, PASTIES!

They’re stickers you put on your breasts to cover your nipples.

Well, I bought a SHIT TON of them in 2015 for Burning Man and then I never worked up the guts to wear them.

In 2017, I wound up gifting them to a campmate who proceeded to ROCK THE SHIT out of them wearing them at the burn.

Well, this year one of my outfits NECESSITATES that I wear pasties or else go naked.

So I bought some flat black cross pasties.

And then I got to wondering. . .how does something that is flat stick to something that is curved?

Not very well, I think.

So I went online and bought a pair of black “lace” latex pasties that are curved to fit a nipple.

This makes more sense to me.

And THEN, when I was downloading images to write this post, I clicked on the link for my flat black pasties and discovered that THIS is what I bought. . .

Um, NO!

3 thoughts on “Pasties

  1. There are several tutorials on how to make these cool things. You are a very creative person and I bet you could come up with something fun!!! Batteries and lights? You’d need T to help with that, though.

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