I am not a submissive female by nature.

I once had a boyfriend who was quite the dominant and you should have SEEN the power struggles we engaged in!

I mean, I’m not one to monopolize the action in the bedroom.


I take suggestions.

Just like you’d want an eager lover to take suggestions.

I mean hey, if you can IMPROVE upon the experience we’re having right now, then I WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT.

So please, share.

That said, I recently noticed (as I was assembling my Burning Man outfits) that I have an unusually LARGE collections of collars.

Like TWENTY THREE to be exact!

I mean, is that a lot for a woman who considers herself non-submissive?

Cuz it seems like a lot.

One day, I’m going to buy myself a collar with my bedroom nickname on it and then I’ll have TWO DOZEN collars.

I can’t tell you what my nickname is (it’s not Bombshell) because my birth mom reads this blog and I literally can’t stomach the idea of eating dinner with her knowing that she knows what I like to be called in bed.


I’m sticking them all here so that when you see them, in their entirety, you too will be struck by how SUBMISSIVE my wardrobe is.

It’s downright servile!

3 thoughts on “Submissive

  1. There’s being submissive, then there’s making a fashion statement. I don’t think you really have anything to worry about if you buy one more collar, two more, or even twenty! I would be concerned if the spikes were on the inside and it was attached to a leash or chain. 🙂

  2. I read this and thought, damn that girl is brave! I know very few people in my life who read my blog. They’d have cat fits and it’s pretty ordinary.

    I look terrible in a collar, my neck is too short. I love them for their fashion, but every time I try one, it looks awful! I need to try one in my hair like Lady Di did!

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