Holding it all together

My mother has been in the hospital.

Her heart, which shudders instead of beating, set off her defibrillator four times.

You know your heart function isn’t up to par when you get a defibrillator built into your chest.

Imagine getting your heart shocked while you’re conscious.

Four times!

As typical, my mom is being a real trooper about the whole thing.

We took her home and she’s doing much better now that she can rest and relax in familiar settings without hospital staff and noises disturbing her.

Apparently, it’s THE LAW in California that when you set off a defibrillator, you can’t drive for 3 months.

So that means in my household of 5 people, I am the only adult (besides a flaky, self-absorbed teenager) who can drive.

And do laundry.

And cook.

And clean a 3,000 square foot house.

And drive my blind father.

And take out the trash.

Do I sound like I’m a little overwhelmed?

Well, that’s because I am.

But since there’s not much to be done except to do all the shit that needs to get done, I believe I will just carry on.

Tejas says I need to get my boys more involved in the maintenance of the house.

And I have to agree.

Do you feel that breeze?

It’s the winds of change!

6 thoughts on “Holding it all together

  1. The boys seriously need to get involved, as in “you’re doing laundry, or cleaning or…” period. No discussion, it is part of being a part of this household! My kids learned early on that the magic cleaning fairy did not take care of all their messes! They can easily do laundry, clean their bathroom, clean the kitchen, do dishes, help schlep grandma and grandpa.

  2. They absolutely need to do their share! You have enough to do and they’re old enough to help. Plus your giving them valuable life skills and teaching them that it’s everyones job to do, not just yours!!!
    Hugs to you, it’s hard being the only one that does everything. I hope things improve for you all.

  3. When things like this happen, it is so damn hard. I’m proud of you. You keep a cheerful outlook and don’t waffle on like I do in my woes and whines. Your wine is tastier!!!!

  4. Family helps family no matter what age. The boys need to pitch in 100%. Maybe a list of chores on the frig will let them not only see how much needs to be done, but they can pick (although some are non-negotiable like their laundry & bathroom). Hang in there.

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