Dressing The Swede

Assuming nothing happens between now and late August, The Swede will attend his first Burning Man with Tejas and I.

I am looking forward to it.

I’ve never had my own Burning Man virgin before so this is something TOTALLY NEW for me.

I still vividly recall waiting in line to get in to the burn in 2015 and being totally amazed at how much community already existed outside the gates.

And then when I got in?

Well, it was like sensory overload.

Everywhere I looked there was something to tickle my fancy – lights, people, art. . .

And the fist time I saw R-Evolution, well she simply took my breath away when she materialized out of the dust, like a beautiful steel mirage.

Of course, 2015 was a dusty year and (for many other reasons) the burn took a lot out of me.

So I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce someone who means something to me to something meaningful to me in the manner in which I wish it had been introduced to me.

I’ve been thinking about what The Swede will wear.

It’s much easier for men, I think, to be dressed appropriately on playa.

Throw on a pair of cargo shorts or a kilt and an unbuttoned shirt, sleeves removed.

Add goggles, hat and buff and you’re ready to go.

So here are my first round picks for The Swede.

A kilt.

Just because they’re utilitarian.

And sexy .

A scarf (technically a shemaugh). Looks fashionable and doubles as a dust mask when needed.

Boots. A must have for Burning Man. They look better when coated in a few layers of playa dust!

A shirt. Rip off the sleeves so I can see The Swede’s tattoos. Sexy!

Goggles. Very necessary! Best to have a tinted daytime pair and a clear night time pair.

Sunblock. Oh so necessary for fair skinned folks like The Swede and me. I don’t want him holed up in a tent or an RV because he fried his skin in the Nevada desert sun!

A hat. The Swede will need a hat to protect his head from the sun. It gets so hot out on the playa, every little bit helps

Last, but not least, a buff. To keep the dust out of your mouth and nose during those relentless dust storms on the playa.

There you go!  Basically a few items and he’s set for Burning Man.  Fresh undies, please!  And if you want to see my full article on Men’s Burning Man fashion, check out this link!