Freak Out

It looks like Tejas’ electric tricycle is not going to arrive in time for the bunny burn.

In reaction to his disappointment, he called me and cancelled on me.


I’m not going to lie.


There I was, receiving a delivery of food, marinating three different kinds of meat, and making homemade bohemian sauerkraut for bratwurst and he up and cancelled on me.

I was mad.

I was also very sad.

And feeling lonely.

There is literally no other person I can call to go camping with me.

It’s just Tejas.

I tried to imagine camping at the bunny burn all by myself.

Cooking for one.

Wandering from camp to camp, all by my lonely self.

But I didn’t have to imagine too hard because my first burn was EXACTLY LIKE THAT.

No one to do things with.

Making cheese quesadillas for one for every meal.

Even just thinking about it now I can feel a tightness seize my chest.

Of course, I DO know other people who are going to the bunny burn.

So perhaps I wouldn’t be as lonely as I worry I would be.

But still.

I had a whole different picture in my mind of what it was going to be like and now?

Now I’m not sure what’s going to happen.