Giving my bed it’s own bed


Why is it that when I am camping, sleeping on an air mattress is NOT ENOUGH TO KEEP ME WARM?


You’d think ALL THAT AIR would be insulation enough.

You’d think, but you’d be WRONG!

Because the ground SUCKS all the heat out of the air in the air mattress which then SUCKS ALL THE HEAT OUT OF YOU.

And you spend an entire weekend shivering in bed, only sleeping when completely exhausted, wondering if you need to put on another pair of socks.

I am not a thermal physicist.

Nor am I an expert backpacker who knows all about sleeping bag ratings, insulation types, and how to stay warm in winter weather.

All I know is I haul a bed out there.

I haul in back in.

I freeze every time.

My bed is made up of an 18 inch thick air mattress, a fitted sheet, and a very stylish (if I do say so myself) comforter with matching pillows (modeled here by The Swede).

I finally gave in and bought a double size sleeping mat on Amazon to layer UNDER my air mattress.

That’s right.


Don’t think this doesn’t piss me off.

Why should I spend another $60 buying a mat so that my air mattress can stay warm?!

So that I can fucking stay warm!

That’s why.

3 thoughts on “Giving my bed it’s own bed

  1. Put a comforter on TOP of the mattress, then the sheet and you’ll be warmer. The air inside the mattress goes to ambient temp, which is often much less than body temp, which then sucks all the heat out of you. You also are used to sleeping higher up, in a room, which insulates you more. On the ground, the temp is cooler and yes, the ground sucks heat out of the mattress too.

    Or get a portable heat pad with solar or battery power to put under your sheet.

  2. I have always been warm enough on my air mattress with a blanket between it and my sleeping bag. Doubled if sleeping single.
    Now I just need to shield out the air mattress amplified sound (music).

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