How bow dat?

Not surprisingly, I am one of those women who have experimented with Botox.

My foray into nonsurgical skin enhancement started when I turned 30.

I had sun damage and I wanted to get rid of it.

So I got a series of six fotofacials (to the tune of about $2,500) as a 30th birthday present to myself.

The results were GREAT!

Gone were those telltale California brown spots.

My skin was tighter, smoother, more refined, with less redness and wrinkles.

A few years after that, I noticed a little wrinkle starting to develop on my forehead.

So I took a DEEP BREATH and I got it treated with Botox.

And whaddya know, it worked!

Wrinkle erased.

It’s now been nearly 15 years since I started with facial enhancers like Botox and fotofacials.

Honestly, I need an update but I haven’t had the time to research the new technology that’s out there – DermPen and Spectra, to name a few.

And I’m not going to do anything to my face that’s named after a Bond movie without checking into it first.

Lately, I’ve been wondering about lip enhancement.

Because I have nice full lips, but when I smile my upper lip thins out.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have lips like a lipstick model?

All full and pillowy?

Well, I went online and checked that out and NOPE!

The whole idea of needles in my lips is REALLY HINKY!

Not gonna do it!

I guess I’ll just have to pout to show off my lips.

Or maybe, just maybe, I should start wearing LIPSTICK.

How bow dat?

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  1. Try a nice lip plumping lipstick or gloss! They’re much cheaper than fillers and they work is a more subtle but effective way. 🙂

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