Do you believe in the concept of SOULMATES?

That is, that there’s someone out there for you who is your perfect match and that you are INTENDED for each other?

You know what I think?

I think it’s a line of bull intended to sell seminars to lonely people who just want to find someone to be with and who will pay to learn all the tricks to meet them.

If you ask me, there’s more than one RIGHT person out there for everyone, it’s just the luck of who you meet and when you meet.

Might explain why the divorce rate is so high too.

Move on to the next one when the previous one has lost its sheen.

Perhaps I’m being harsh.

After all, there is a guy I think about from time to time.

A guy from my past who “got away.”

But then I remember the problems we had and I realize, “Great guy, but not for me.”



Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to meet someone who I can spend holidays with.

Who will introduce me to his family, take me out on the weekend, and share a home with me.


Don’t exist.

So don’t go forking over your hard-earned cash to learn how to meet your “eternal beloved.”

Honestly, the best thing I can do to meet someone RIGHT NOW?

Take a class on communication and relationships.


And that’s not bitterness talking.

That’s wisdom!

6 thoughts on “Soulmate

  1. Best of all the self helps was “5 Languages of Love”. It stopped me from thinking the other is Bad to realizing that different people see and need different things. A roommate who saw the dirty mirror but not the tub was the easiest.

    Phil was for 30+ years my soulmate, so it does exist. Then he changed and soon died. Slowly getting over it.

  2. I feel “soul mates” can exist on many levels and many manifestations, we get too caught up in the “romantic” or “life partner” versions, but there are others, who mutually connect deeply about common interests, spiritual ways, points of view etc. That person, who you naturally have long companionable silences with, while participating in your common connection and then also can verbally/or with other means intensely communicate about it, on a deeper level, that others just don’t quite get. It’s an understanding/connection can be about something specific or a group of things, that does not necessarily evolve into all of the aspects of your lives. Myself I have had relationships go the wrong way, because though we were soul mates on one level, we were not compatible on many other aspects that were important to us. It does not have to be be “all in or nothing”, to share a “soul” connection.

    • I completely agree. And I think there’s a lot of people out there who fit the bill. It’s not that I don’t believe in soulmates. I do believe in them. I just don’t think that there’s only one out there. I think there are many!

  3. I don’t believe in soulmates. I believe in life friends and kindred spirits (Anne of Green Gables!). But, the one and only person created out of the whole world for me? Nope.
    It is like socks. You can have a pair of socks even if they don’t ‘belong’ together. As long as they work together, it is good. Granted, some socks absolutely don’t work well and some socks work better, but it is all in the feet wearing them. :o)

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