Dating a blogger

It’s hard to date a blogger.

ESPECIALLY one as transparent as I am.

EVERYTHING goes on the internet:

You will usually find me blogging about whatever is on my mind from the men who capture my fancy, like The Swede; to past lovers who I remember fondly, like Jay and Charlie The Aussie; to men I fantasize about but can never have, like Alexander Skarsgård and Joe Manganiello.

IMG_9379I’d like to think I’m more of a lover than a hater. Unfortunately, the hate tends to be funnier than the love, like when The Hunk had an epic skill/equipment failure in bed with me.

IMG_9378I’ve been advised that the reason I’m single is because of this blog.

That might be true but I can’t help but feel like deep down, my blog will actually draw in the right man for me.

Imagine how nice it’d be to have all your experiences and secrets in one place where a person can read about them.

My thoughts. My hopes. My frustrations.

If a man can get through my blog posts AND STILL be interested in me, then he passed the test.

And the thing is, PLENTY of men like this blog and read it.

So there’s hope.

There’s a reason this blog is called unblunder…

Because everything seems wrong at first until it suddenly turns beautifully, epically RIGHT!

9 thoughts on “Dating a blogger

    • You are not alone! I’ve gotten a little bit better at writing and then editing later when my emotions are more level, but what I feel and what I think – it’s all goes in the blog.

  1. Love! It’s funny. My blog is supposed to be for my stories and poetry only, but I like to put all the craziness on there. Tell it all and who ever sticks around you don’t have to worry about being awkward around. Here’s hoping we both find that one. 🙂

  2. “Imagine how nice it’d be to have all your experiences and secrets in one place where a person can read about them.”

    For a healthy relationship, there are things that must remain only yours.

  3. WOW…great blog…funny because writers can be so transparent. I do think a lot of guys struggle with being with a tough gal. I am a strong girl and I have been told I am such a cutie but I am to brash for some. To independent and strong willed. I am not one of those ladies who are prim and proper. Funny because everyone says I look way more quiet and ladylike then I really am. Just be careful about sharing to much….we ant to keep some things to ourselves !

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