Silent Pleas

I finally broke down and visited the eye doctor yesterday.

I’ve known for some time that I need glasses but I kept putting it off and putting it off.

Because I sorta HATE the idea of having to wear glasses.

I’m near sighted, you see.

So I can see my computer screen just fine but street signs?

Not so much.

Everything is ever so blurry for me.

The thing is, I have had glasses before.

I just always lose them somehow.


I may need to get gorkies to keep the glasses around my neck where I won’t lose them.

I’m such an old fuddy duddy right now.

So there I am, sitting in the chair in the doctor’s office.

The doctor has put that big contraption in front of my face and that’s when it happened.

He took a good long stare at my cleavage.

Perhaps he thought I wouldn’t see with that huge piece of equipment in front of me, but I DID.

And I got a little grossed out by it.

And I could see him sneak peeks periodically.

So much so that when he stood up to put drops in my eyes, I LITERALLY BEGGED THE UNIVERSE TO NOT LET HIM TOUCH ME.

And he didn’t.

So there you have it.

Sometimes, the universe listens to my silent pleas.

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