Flashback unSCruz 2016 – Crash and Burn

IMG_9569The upside of camping at UnSCruz is that you get to party with your friends in one of the most creative and stimulating environments you can imagine.

The downside of camping at UnSCruz is that you may partake just a wee bit too much of the jungle juice and wind up with a wicked hangover the next morning. . . and the memory of taking a tumble on the grass in front of everyone.

Which is basically what happened to me.

Yes, too many vodka and lemonades for me made for a REALLY fun Friday night but a VERY somber Saturday.

I managed to drag myself around the fairgrounds with a friend on Saturday. We saw the sights – a guy with a baby gosling. A stegasauraus art car. We even visited the rose garden and saw a rose called (I kid you not) Ketchup & Mustard.

We even saw a derby race where pairs of people ran around a course, one with their arms tied around the others waist and the other wearing a horse head which effectively blinded them from seeing where they were going.  Great fun, btw!

But I was flat.


I was barely making it from one step to the next.

My head was ringing.

I was determined not to let anyone see how hungover I was.

Silly girl needs to watch her liquor intake!

Finally, after sampling a little of my sangria at Mist’R Cool’s potluck, I begged off the evening’s activities.

I climbed into bed, put in my earplugs, slipped myself two ativans, and crashed in my tent trailer.

Not exactly the illustrious ending to my camping trip I was hoping for.

Next year, I will be better company.

I will drink beer instead of vodka.

And I will dance til the sun comes up.

Just saying. . .

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  1. LOL. Famous last words. No you won’t. You will party like a rockstar. LOL. Much love. ~The Poet Shadow

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