I went to a party.

It was a great party.

The house was packed and there was food and drink a plenty.

I grabbed a glass of wine and a plate of food, chatted with the host, and made my way to the backyard to eat.

While I was sitting in the yard, a woman emerged from the house.


Wearing a black top and black leather short shorts.

She looked amazing.

Let me rephrase that.

She looked amazing and she had a pair of killer stems on her.

That’s right folks.

She had legs.

Cue ZZTop!

Honestly, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen legs so nice on a woman in real life that wasn’t a supermodel.

And while this woman wasn’t a tall supermodel by any stretch of the imagination, she certainly had a pair of legs on her.

I pay attention to legs.

Mostly because I was born with thick sturdy legs and I’ve always wished I had slender thighs and calves.

Sure, I can probably leg press more than her, but I’d certainly give that up to be able to saunter into a room at a party in a short skirt and have all the men and women envy me my legs.


There is one point of comfort for me, however.

I may not have amazing legs, but I certainly inherited an amazing rack.

And given a choice between the two, I think you know what I’d pick

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