Maker’s Faire

There is this THING called a MAKER’S FAIRE, which is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

I went with Yvonne to the San Mateo Maker’s Faire this past weekend and we had such a good time.

First off, I got ROCK STAR PARKING along the street where the Maker’s Faire was being held.


Second, I found the PERFECT gift for MotherP whose birthday is coming up next weekend.


And finally, I got to order (and eat) a BIG FAT SAUSAGE at the Maker’s Faire, which thrilled my inner dirty girl.


My favorite part of the ENTIRE visit was the Dark Room – a dark warehouse filled with all sorts of projects that were lit up.

I stuck my head in a ball called the “hypnosphere” which was lined with lights and white faux fur.

It felt like I was in the womb and the feeling was a little creepy, but nevertheless awfully pretty.

So much to see!

Like cupcake cars going down the walkway.

A pet pig on a leash.

Or a sleeping compartment mounted onto the back of a motorcycle?

If you get the chance to attend the Maker’s Faire, you should definitely go.

So much artistic talent and creativity is on display, you’ll walk away feeling inspired to start your own projects!