It’s my sister’s birthday today!

Now many people don’t realize this but my sister and I are twins, for all intents and purposes.

My parents adopted us at the same time and we went through school in the same grade through college.

Growing up, when we’d explain to people that we were 5 months apart in age, they’d get confused until we explained that we were adopted.

And then they’d say, “So you’re not really sisters” which REALLY pissed us off.

So we stopped telling people that we were adopted.

We just let people assume we were twins.

Which was easy to do, considering that we looked like each other.

My sister is fierce and strong in ways I only dream of being.

She can keep her head in a crisis and manage just about anything you throw in her direction.

She is a giving person who has had her giving nature taken advantage of, but that never stops her from optimistically jumping into the fray to try again.

In my minds eye, I see us as little old ladies, still getting into shenanigans together.

She’s the instigator, btw.

I picked out the PERFECT present for her this year.

A lacy copper flower windmill.


I love you!

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