If you thought that stinky feet were the only fetish I didn’t understand, you’d be wrong.

There are several which make no sense to me.

One of them is anal sex.

Honestly, unless you’re fresh from the shower and a few enemas, it’s really not all that appealing, is it?

Lately I’ve run into a smattering of men who are really interested in it.

And you know, I believe that unless I fall in love with a man who absolutely adores it, I don’t feel any strong pull to go ahead and participate in it.

I never say never, because I’ve had to eat my words too many times after saying that.

So there’s always the possibility that I might participate in it.

But really, all it reminds me of is needing to take an enormous poop.

I know some people love it.

And I can see the appeal.

Psychologically, it’s definitely “topping” someone when you “tap that ass.”

Truthfully, I don’t think I’d even worry about anyone asking me to have anal sex except for the fact that I’m single and we live in a world which is saturated in pornography.

So it’s in the minds of single men everywhere that they can ask for this and expect to get it.

Not here.

Not me.

I’m retired.

But this is a dilemma that I think many women face now.

Do you give in and make him happy despite your discomfort?

Or do you stand your ground and reject his attempts?

Consider this: there is a perfectly designed, warm, welcoming, self-lubricating, textured-for-both-your-pleasure chamber in which to place your sorcerer’s sword.

And you want to do what?

3 thoughts on “Retired

  1. I just say no. My reason is pretty straightforward; it causes too much damage. No matter how much lube you use the internal tissue is very delicate and prone to tearing. That can lead to all sorts of interesting infections. And then there’s the prolapsed sphincter … Sometimes a little explanation is all it takes. If a guy is especially dense, you can always show him a few clinical pictures from the internet. There’s the unique pleasure men get from having their prostate stimulated (internally or externally) – but we ladies don’t have one so it just isn’t the same experience. If a man is insistent about this one thing when there are so many other things you can do – he’s got issues.

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