Somebody has offered to tickle me.

Yes, upon reading my “Sour Toes” post, it struck him that I might enjoy being tickled.

And honestly, since I started thinking about it, I’m kind of tempted to.

You see, I’m a ticklish little thing.

I always have been.

Mind you, I’m not as bad as my sister who would start giggling if you even MENTIONED that you wanted to tickle her.

I remember as kids, making her laugh by PRETENDING I was going to tickle her.

It’s cute, really.

So the question is, do I want to do it?

I am curious, what happens when you get tied down and someone tickles you way past the breaking point?

Do you gasp for air?

Curl up in the fetal position?

What exactly is the conclusion of TICKLING?

Maybe it’s an orgasm.

For sure, there must be a lot of lovely endorphins running through you body after tickling.

I would think all that squirming and all that laughing would definitely lead to a seriously awesome natural high.

And maybe that’s the appeal of it for a lot of people – sensation that brings on euphoria.

It could be interesting.

I might have to report back what I find out.

Does tickling make you gasp for air or does it give you an orgasm?

Only time will tell. . .

2 thoughts on “Ticklish

  1. From what I have heard and seen there’s a usually a safe and agreement on what’s okay and what’s not at least that’s my guess. Upon agreement of alotted time, place of fun to happen, etc. it’s very important you trust each other as well 🙂 I will be writing up a post about playmates and such soon 🙂 much love and laughter,

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