Stiff Competition

I follow a handful of curve models on Instagram.

Seeing their bodies reminds me that my own isn’t freakish and ugly.

I appreciate what they add to my life – a little perspective outside what mainstream beauty magazines and the media deem “sexy.”

Each one of these women is beautiful in her own right.

I’ve noticed that a lot of these curve models however are directing people to their Patreon sites, a subscription which costs money.

The money is used by the curve models to travel to exotic locations, hire photographers, and take more photos for the Patreon collection.

Interesting, huh?

I actually know a lot of people who use Patreon.

It’s not just for models and modelizers.

It’s also for writers, graphics artists, photographers, etc.

I do not follow anyone on Patreon.

I suspect that what gets posted on Patreon are more explicit photographs of these curve models and I’m not going to pay for what I can see for free in my own bathroom mirror.

That said, I just happened to be reviewing photos in Instagram when I came across this:

“Sign up for my Patreon and watch a video of me eating a popsicle topless.”


Eating. A popsicle. Topless.

My first thought was, “Clever girl! I’d almost pay to see that.”

No, I didn’t pay to watch her eat a popsicle topless.

And no, I’m not going to post a video of me eating a popsicle topless.

I’m just saying that if you plan to become a curve model, be aware that the competition is STIFF.

No pun intended.

One thought on “Stiff Competition

  1. Following curvy models is a great way to get comfortable with your own curves. As a recent convert to nudism, which included a visit to a nude resort, it is amazing how quickly various “real” body shapes and sizes, sags and wrinkles, cellulite and stretch marks, quickly become the norm. It had a tremendous impact in my accepting those things in me. And if nudism is too extreme, just seeing real everyday women naked(or scantily clad, can have the same impact. At the risk of sounding weird (i am actually way weirder anyway), to make sure my son was acclimated to what he was going to see at the resort, we went through photos from nudist accounts in Tumblr. It was very helpful for him (we were able to talk nudist etiquette) and it even helped me as most of the pics were everyday people, not models. Anyway, if your so inclined, you may want to check that out. Just know you will come across pretty raunchy stuff here and there, thus we had to preview and select the photos to show our son.

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