Boob Massage

I can PRACTICALLY hear my friend Barbara’s response to this blog post in my head ALREADY.

She’d tell me to stop wearing bras that don’t fit and get myself some decent support bras.

The problem is, I’ve tried those support bras.

And overall, they’re very comfortable.

But there’s SO MUCH FABRIC you can barely see my cleavage.

And that’s JUST WRONG.

Also, sometimes the underwire sticks me in my armpit and that just HURTS!

But I’m going to write this anyway.

Today, I need to boob massage.

Yes, that’s right.


Why, you ask?

Because my boobs hurt.

I wore a tiny halter bra today all day at work and between the back of my neck which was rubbed raw by the strap and my boobs, which I crammed into cups WAY TOO SMALL FOR THEM, my boobs just ache.

I confess, I took my bra off at work, I was in such agony.

Now, all I can think about is how nice it would be to get some coconut oil and a friendly pair of hands to gently massage them.

That is all.