Coke Can Dan

Coke Can Dan is a real man.

A man with “unusual” attributes.

You see, Coke Can Dan has a cock the size of, ahem, a COKE CAN.

Hence the name.

My girlfriends whispered about Coke Can Dan in hushed circles at parties, each vouching for not just his length and girth, but also his skill and prowess in the bedroom.


I’m not one to be swayed by LARGE appendages.

I’m perfectly happy with the average ones.

But then, I met Coke Can Dan.

Oh, perhaps he isn’t THE Coke Can Dan, but he’s certainly A “Coke Can Dan Man”.

And let me tell you this.

That appendage is the least of his talents.

Apart from looking like he should star in porn films, “Coke Can Dan” is a lovely sort of fellow.

The kind you want to go camping with.

The kind who makes you feel special and beautiful.

He’s the kind of guy you’d call if you got a flat tire and needed help from a friendly face.

I’m not one to talk about male endowment in hushed whispers in corners of dark rooms.

You know me, I’m going to put it on this blog and tell the world.

I can’t stop looking at coke cans and smiling!