I’m a blogger

I’m a blogger.

My life appears on the internet for other people to read and absorb.

I write because I have a bad memory and a diary is the best way for me to keep track of what happens in my life.

I put it on the internet because I’m trying to connect with other people, even if it’s just through a story.

I think there’s wisdom that can be gleaned between the lines of my life, if not by me then by someone else.

Everybody I write about, I fall in love with.

They represent a character in my life and whether temporary or permanent, they always play a part in my development.

Some people I clearly adore: my children, my family, The Swede, Tejas, Barbara, Michelle, Marina, and so many more.

Other people pop in and out, like Coke Can Dan, Jack and Jill, and The Photographer.

Rest assured they’ve all captured a place in my heart.

There is little I enjoy more than writing about a friend, new or old, who has captured my attention.

I never do them justice.

Personalities are far too rich and nuanced for me to capture in my simple writing.

But I try.

And honestly, nothing is better than reading old posts and being reminded of old friends I haven’t seen in a while so I pick up the phone and call.

I hope they know how much I love them.

3 thoughts on “I’m a blogger

  1. I read a lot of blogs. I like yours because you embrace the characters who come into your life and want to know more about them. Keep on doing what you’re doing. The love shines through!!

  2. I appreciate your freedom to be yourself and free. We each have our own crosses to bear, but why not carry that weight while enjoying the days we have here? In a different life I might have joined you in a burn; bare or scantly covered. But, we at least get to live through each other’s stories. 🙂

  3. I love reading your stories and experiences and about the things you do. You bring a whole new world to my feet and it is great fun!!!!!!!

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