The things we do for our kids

I’m not a BIG fan of guns.

TBH, they scare the shit out of me.

I had a boyfriend who collected guns and he made me pick up and handle all his guns in the hopes that I’d get comfortable with handling them.

I never got comfortable.

He took me to gun ranges to shoot hand guns.

We used shot guns to blast skeet apart.

I still never got used to guns.

In fact, when I’m around people who are firing guns, the compression waves I feel in my chest when each bullet is fired, is alarming to me.

This is the preface I give you BEFORE I let you know that I BOUGHT A GROUPON TO LET MY 19-YEAR OLD SON SHOOT A MACHINE GUN IN NEVADA during our summer vacation.

He will absolutely ADORE it.

I will be secretly cringing in a corner.

But what makes the boy happy makes me happy, eventually.

And this is what he likes.

One thought on “The things we do for our kids

  1. My husband and I love to shoot and he has taught us all how to safely manage and handle firearms. I carry concealed and so does my husband. My oldest daughter is biding her time until she can do this too. My other kids are excellent marksmen and are fully trained in handling safety and self defense. Please, please, please take your son to classes and attend with him. He needs to know the law as well as the safety.

    Thinking of you as you head into this area.

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