You’ve come a long way baby

It’s funny.

When I look back at how I planned my first trip to Burning Man, I can’t help but think how NUTS I was.

Granted, I got all the necessary accessories – such as a shade structure, a tent, bungee cords, carabiners, garbage cans, candy cane rebar and the like.

But also?

I was WAY OBSESSED with clothing.

And let me tell you this.

I brought A LOT of clothing.

And not really Burning Man appropriate attire.


I brought skirts and dresses.

Leggings and jackets.

As I sit and review all my clothing options for the 2018 iRobot burn, I realize that my Burning Man fashion sense has evolved.

No more corsets, there’s no way I want something that restrictive against my skin.

No more skirts, they just get caught in my bike chain.

No more jeans, because it’s just too fucking hot.

And that is why this year most of my outfits revolve around wearing bathing suits with fishnets and a killer accessory collection.

Because I really don’t need to perspire like horse out there on the playa.

I still recall the time I SOAKED the camp chair I was sitting on with my sweat while waiting for Tejas to arrive for the 2017 burn.

I left a perfect image of my butt in butt sweat on my chair.

And EVERYBODY saw it!

Here are my six favorite outfits for iRobot.

Certainly a far cry from the days when I was considering THIS for Burning Man:

green dressOMG!!!

Or THIS?!?!?!

red dress

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