Hunker Down!

The first thing you need to know about rafting with your two teenage sons is that THEY ARE GOING TO GET YOU SOAKING WET WITH RIVER WATER!

NEVER hand a water cannon to a teenager unless you accept that you’re going to get doused with ice cold Truckee River water.

I knew this going in and so when my oldest son Duncan started spraying me with the water cannon, I was not surprised.

It was SO HOT, it actually felt good.

We traveled down the river, sometimes lazily, sometimes paddling with force.

We hit A LOT OF ROCKS and my sister Lisa popped out of the raft.

Her lower body was in the raft but her upper body was leaning back into the river.

I jumped up and tried to pull her back in.

She was holding on to me and as I was pulling her in, she started to slip.

All the sunblock on her hands and arms made her slippery.

We were also laughing REALLY HARD, which didn’t help matters.

But we were also moving and soon we realized if she didn’t get back into the raft, she was going to be under water.

Then it wasn’t quite so funny.

Lisa let go of me and slipped into the shallow river, stood up, and climbed back in.

We laughed.

But for a second, we both had been scared.

The rafting continued.

We still hit ALL THE ROCKS IN THE RIVER and got hung up a few times but in the end, we made it down to the pick up point.

Tons of fun, if you ask me!