Burning Man 2016: Pre-Burn Goosepimples

The excitement of attending another Burning Man has got me all in a frenzy.

Last year, right about this time, I was stressing feeling like everything was falling apart.

And indeed, that feeling was an omen of things to come.

But this year I am going with my good friend Tejas and staying in his RV “The Motorbeast.”

More so than last year, my Facebook stream is FILLED with Burning Man prep and it’s only serving to excite me more and send me into a thrilling spin of ecstasy.

I saw a picture of 75 pounds of humane, responsibly sourced BACON!

75 pounds!

It’s incredible!

I’ll tell you this, I’m definitely having more fun the second time around.

Would I like to trick or treat on the playa in a Halloween costume?

Why yes, I think I would.

And let’s not forget the THRILLING images the early arrivals are posting as they set off for Reno then the Black Rock Desert.

I can’t get enough of their trailers hauling bin after bin of dusty equipment and gear.

The strangest things TURN ME ON these days and a pile of dust with a side of rebar will do it for me.

But what really gets me going these days is LED and faux fur anything.

Faux fur thong?

Don’t mind if I do.

LED vest?

Sign me up!

But nothing, AND I MEAN NOTHING, compares to the thrill I feel when I see arial photos of what the playa looks like as Burning Man: Da Vinci’s Workshop starts to take form in the Black Rock Desert.




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