Burning Man 2016: Just a Man Playing a Flaming Tuba

Located at the corner of 6:30 and E was the Man Museum – a chronological history of the man and Burning Man.

I rode past this museum many times on my bike. It was a landmark on my way home when I rode between 6:30 and 10 in Black Rock City.

One such time, I was riding by and I happened upon a tuba player, playing his tuba in front of the museum.

But of course, just being a tuba player at Burning Man is not remarkable enough.

This tuba player was playing a FLAMING TUBA!

As the volume of his music increased, so did the flames coming out of the tuba.

It was wild!

I had to stop and take a picture.

And lo and behold, the days go by and I happen upon a conversation with my friend Bagelfather where he mentions that the flaming tuba player is none other than David Silverman – of The Simpsons fame.

And I couldn’t help but think to myself how crazy the Burning Man world is that I could stumble upon a Simpson’s director at Burning Man, playing a tuba, with flames shooting out of it.

And if you ask me why Burning Man is so amazing, THIS IS ONE OF THE REASONS.

Things that don’t happen in real life happen on the playa ALL THE TIME.

Enjoy, my friends.