Burning Man 2015: The Lady in White

IMG_7615At the burning of the Man, there was this woman walking around.

She wore no more than a white under-the-bust corset, a white collar that covered half her face, and a pair of white lace up toe shoes.

And when I say toe shoes, I mean shoes with such high heels, you’re forced to walk on your toes.

She also had her arms laced behind her back in a white arm corset.

A man, all in white, was escorting her around on a leash.

As she stumbled around the playa, I was mesmerized by her.

First of all it was 40 degrees. So cold, that she must’ve been freezing – not having pants or a shirt or jacket on. All she was wearing was a teeny tiny corset.

Secondly, as she stepped around the playa, her feet and ankles wobbled dangerously as if she was about to fall.

And yet she attempted to dance.

And it was then that I realized that with her arms laces behind her back, if she tripped and fell it would be a yard sale.

She never fell.