A time for everything under heaven

IMG_4717 20 years ago today, my heart tore in half when my son Douglas died of cancer – a teratoma, not unlike what Gavin just had removed.

The hospital room was so quiet and it smelled of tears. Tears that fell from my eyes like endless rivers of sorrow.

I thought I’d never stop crying.

I stopped believing in God. Stopped singing.

My ex husband got me a dog, Mac, to get over my grief and having that dog to pour all my love into brought me back to life.

He was a four legged replacement for the son I lost.

Sadly, 10 years ago today (on the 10 year anniversary of Douglas’ death), Mac’s life ended in a freak freeway accident on Highway 80.

So you COULD say that September 22 is my least favorite day of the year.

You could say that but you’d be wrong.

Because instead of spending the day grieving, I spend the day having fun and feeling alive.

This year I’m going to be at a local birthday party, celebrating my burner friends’ birthdays.

It’s a great opportunity to HONOR my loved ones and CELEBRATE everything that is wonderful and beautiful in my life – like wonderful friends, close knit families, and LOVE.

And I’ll celebrate the lives of the two sons that I have.

So happy September 22nd to all my friends. I hope it’s a happy one for you too.

3 thoughts on “A time for everything under heaven

  1. September 22 is also the autumnal equinox. According to my pagan friends, it is a day for reflection and achieving balance. It seems like you are doing exactly that. Thank you once again for sharing your life, your losses and your joys with us.

  2. You bring so much joy. Thank you for sharing this. I’m in the hospital watching mum deteriorate and your words have helped me. 💕

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