If there was a time long ago when I didn’t think of men as trying to TAKE something from me, I can’t recall.

Of course, I was only in ten when I was sexually assaulted (TWICE) in Payless right under my mother’s nose.

Rather an early indoctrination into sexual assault, but sadly there are those younger than me.

Throughout my life, I can recall other men who took without asking.

I’m not surprised that the #MeToo hashtag took off.

I was CRUSHED by how many of my friends had similar experiences.

Sexual assault seems to be a universal experience for the women in my social circles.

I am a woman who TOLD on the men who sexually assaulted me.

Even when I was ten.

I told my sister and then I told my parents.

They in turn called the store and reported the crime, but did not contact the police.

During another incident I was at a London pub with my hands full of drinks and my breasts were groped.

I told my friends AS SOON AS I GOT TO THE TABLE.

Outraged, they asked me to point out the man who assaulted me but he was nowhere to be seen.

And another time, while holding a tray of food in Fresh Choice, my breasts were groped again, this time by a busboy who was trying to “help me” with my tray.

He did it twice.

There was no mistake.

I reported the incident to the Campbell Police but since it was a case of he said/ she said, nothing was done about it.

Although I imagine it at least started a paper trail on this man.

My point is this:

I felt helpless when I was sexually assaulted.

Each time, my instinct was to freeze then walk away as if nothing had happened, just to ensure I could get away from my attacker.

Later, when I felt safe, I was capable of sharing what had happened to me.

And whether it takes 1 minute, or 30 years for a woman to report what happened (btw, men report sexual abuse by the clergy DECADES after it occurred as well and they are taken seriously), I’m glad to see that there are people out there willing to investigate these claims.

Perhaps this President, elected by a minority of US voters, has done us a favor by bringing sexual assault into the bright light of media scrutiny with his “grab them by the pussy” comment.

I felt SICKENED and all those emotions I had about my own sexual assaults came flooding back to me when I heard Trump laugh about sexually assaulting women.

In the end, I suggest that the nearly universal experience American women have when it comes to sexual assault needs to be addressed.


Starting with a thorough investigation into the claims of Ms. Ford and Ms. Ramirez.

Surely a presidential predator is enough predator for our “great” nation.