Share Yourself

I’m going to a birthday party in less than two weeks.

Even though the birthday boy’s birthday is in January, he’s celebrating in September and I’m totally down with that.

September 22 is also the day that I celebrate Douglas, Ruby, Mac, Wendy, Andrew and Zachary – my lost beloveds.

I refuse to be sad remembering them.

So a party is a perfect way to remember them and put a little happiness in the air for them.

It’s an INTERACTIVE birthday party which means that everyone has to bring something to share.

We’re talking more than just food here.

We’re talking musical performances, demos, and more.

I am personally going to a give a demo on my hat making skills.

I’ll take a Chinese military captain’s hat and show how to convert it to a stellar Burning Man captain’s hat complete with rhinestones, ribbon and spikes.

I used to make lots of these hats and sold them for $200 – $250.

The market on etsy is now SATURATED with blinged-out captain’s hats so I’ve retired my business.

But I’m happy to do a demo for those who are interested.

I’m also going to wear my Ashley Graham-inspired dress:

You know which one I’m talking about – the one with the white mesh bodysuit and strappy black bra underneath.

And, of course, the outfit wouldn’t be complete without one of my captain’s hats to go with it – specifically my silver/black captain’s hat:

image1(1)As far as party ideas go, this one is a REAL WINNER in my book.

It involves more than dressing up and bringing food to share.

You have to share yourself, and that’s the most amazing gift you can give anyone.

Kudos to the Birthday Boy!