Pints for Pups

I have a “thing” for animal rescue videos.

Whether it’s saving a dog from a swift moving river, or rescuing an abandoned pig, I’m ALL OVER IT.

Truth be told, if my living situation were more suitable to taking care of animals, I’m sure I’d be hosting a farm of animals in my home.

All my pets have been rescue pets.

From Patches, a kitten I grabbed from a box left at the Strawberry Festival in Los Gatos to Wendy, a formerly-awful turned sweetheart of a white German shepherd.

I’m down to one fur baby right now.


I first met Princess when I was working at a spa in Saratoga.

She had five kittens and was FIERCELY protecting them from anyone who came near.

She lived in a barn and ate out of a dumpster.

But she was BEAUTIFUL.

Princess has cocoa brown face, paws, and tail, a cream-colored body, and the bluest eyes.

Despite her initial ferocity, she turned into the sweetest lap cat imaginable.

She’s virtually a dog, she’s so attached to humans.

This weekend I am going to an event called Pints for Pups.

It’s all about raising money for homeless dogs via beer sales, ceramic sales, and art sales.

I love this event.

Not just because my friends have organized it.


I love it because it finds homes and provides care for dogs being fostered for adoption.

There’s a group called Thulani and they rescue senior German shepherds.

You can imagine how much love I’m going to pour into those dogs when I see them at there.

Which reminds me to invite you to join in the festivities and come to Pints for Pups!

Don’t buy.



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  1. All of my cats and dogs have been rescues. It’s definitely the way to go. Pints for Pups sounds like a blast. Enjoy!

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