MOOP managed

The other day, while browsing Instagram, I came across a photo tagged with #BurningMan2018.

It was a photograph of a nearly naked Caucasian woman.

Covering her breasts were glitter and rhinestones.

She wore a tiny thong.

And on her head she wore a rainbow mohawk made of feathers.


I’m not a hater or an internet troll, but this picture bothered me.

It was an ideal representation of MOOP and cultural appropriation, two things I think Burning Man discourages.

Don’t get me wrong.

The woman was BEAUTIFUL.

And the picture was flawless.

But did it really represent Burning Man 2018?




MOOP is a HUGE problem at Burning Man and pictures like this promote the myth that things like glitter and questionably attached rhinestones are the norm at Burning Man.

Several people expressed their dislike of the photo in the comments section and I liked a comment that said, “This doesn’t represent Burning Man to me.”

The photographer responded with a “Hey, self-expression is encouraged at Burning Man.”


But not when it creates MOOP.

Leave No Trace, buddy.

Anyway, I went back to Instagram to grab the photo for this post only to discover that it had been taken down.

Or perhaps the #BurningMan2018 hashtag had been removed.

MOOP managed.



One thought on “MOOP managed

  1. SOOOO TRUE!! This last year was my first year Burning Man but I soon discovered what is referred to as “sparkle ponies”, (May be wrong word). Anyway, it was a different type of people, ones that stayed together and we’re not very friendly with others. I experienced this as a lot of the music camps, especially the “popular ones”. These women would stand around taking pictures of themselves, taking pictures as a group and it was like they were only there so they could post pictures to their social media. Sticking to themselves and being quite clingy with each other and not friendly AT ALL. I was dancing away not giving a damn, but I noticed they are everywhere. I was not impressed at all! I felt like I did back in high school where there are popular girls and then there are the rest of us. Not my idea of Burning Man either. Hope word spreads quickly that they don’t encourage or promote this.

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