None of this is safe for work

I’m not entirely sure how I found out about bawdy storytelling.

It all started with Richard Cheese (aka Dick Cheese) who my sister introduced me to one day.

Admittedly, he is less bawdy and more lounge singer. . .

Then my fondness for inappropriate lyrics expanded with Rachel Lark.

I think it was my friend Dante who clued me in to the bawdy songstress.

I listened to her songs and laughed my ass off, listening to the graphic lyrics of ‘Warm, Bloody and Tender.’

And I was lucky enough to see her play at Dustfish at Burning Man.

I’m only too happy to share my love of bawdy storytelling with new friends I make.

And the other day, I got into a bawdy storytelling war with my new friend Nathan.

He saw me my Rachel Lark and raised me one Steven Lynch.

Have you heard his song about a gerbil?

Oh God!

You’ll blush but you’ll laugh.

I brought up Garfunkel and Oates.

Who hasn’t heard ‘The Blowjob Song’ or ‘The Loophole’?

Of course, none of these songs are appropriate and you must come back and listen to them when you’re in the privacy of your own home.

None of this is safe for work.

2 thoughts on “None of this is safe for work

  1. Hi! Im a friend of Dixie and longtime fan of Bawdy. It hasn’t “officially” announced yet, but Rachel Lark will be performing at Bawdy on December 13!

  2. THANK YOU for the shout-out about Bawdy Storytelling, Michelle!
    You can hear lots of NSFW songs every week on the Bawdy Storytelling podcast; lots of Rachel Lark, and also Jefferson Bergey, Creature Hole, Amber Lee Baker, and huge bigger-than-a-butthole artists like the ones you’ve listed above. Not sure if I should link it here, so I’ll just say look up Dixie De La Tour’s Bawdy Storytelling podcast wherever you listen and I bet you’ll find it there.
    Also, we’re monthly in San Francisco and Seattle, doing Brooklyn (with the Risk! podcast) next week, and hoping to do more touring in early 2019. Tell your fans that we hope to meet them in person SOON.
    Thanks so much,
    (and thanks to Weazie for spreading the word about Rachel Lark at Bawdy Storytelling on Dec 13th in San Francisco)

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