I voted.

I can’t remember the last time I skipped voting.

I think it’s important to make my voice and opinions heard, regardless of whether or not I’m a huge fan of the candidates, measures, or propositions.

This is not a political blog.

I don’t write about my political beliefs, although I do occasionally let my distaste for certain politicians be known.

I have a few friends who have a different political persuasion than me.

And honestly, I have found that NOT DISCUSSING POLITICS is the best way to stay friends.


And for that, I don’t apologize.

I have at least one friend who is to some degree a Trump supporter.

The other day he posted on his Facebook page that he was never going to watch Saturday Night Live again because a cast member made a joke about veterans.

I think the joke was in poor taste and missed its mark.

I don’t watch SNL nor do I plan to.

However, I found it HUGELY ironic that my friend felt this was worthy of a boycott while still supporting a man who joked about sexually assaulting women.

Grab them by the pussy.

It’s just locker room talk.

Totally excusable.

But heaven forbid someone make a bad joke about veterans.

I’m not excusing the veteran joke.

It was a bad joke and other castmates have spoken out against it.

However, if you’re going to get outraged about things people say, then I think that outrage over someone bragging about sexually assaulting women is not misplaced.

If we generously ASSUME Trump was making a joke, I personally think both “jokes “are distasteful and worthy of my spite.

Just saying.

One thought on “Outrageous

  1. I have a few friends who have “enjoyed” these last 2 years, being boastful of their president. After last night, a number of them are making defensive remarks about the election and what the DEMS plan to do, as if these last 2 years have been excellent and “how dare they”. I asked one how grabbing a woman by the p#ssy was good for the country or showed good leadership ability, or degrading women showed leadership, or dozen other specific examples. All were brushed off as “boys will be boys” or “but look at all the good he has done”, and someone threw in that President Obama wasn’t even born here, I kid you not.

    I don’t watch SNL, it long ago turned into “beating a dead horse”. Jokes are funny sometimes, but not pounding it into a skit 15 times, and that’s what it became IMHO. My feeling is, people make mistakes. Give them an opportunity to see their errors and correct their actions. If they don’t, then yes, boycott, but not based on one action without allowing a correction, otherwise we’d all be alone! I do however feel, if you have to defend a pol, by saying “it was a joke, didn’t you get it?”, especially when that is a daily comment, something is amiss.

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