Design input needed

Help me make a quilt.

I’m working on a new quilt after taking a year off from quilting and I’m a bit rusty.

Can you help me by voting for your favorite combination?

I can pair my floral fabric with Tilda’s Birdpond fabrics:

Or I can pair it with Kate Spain’s Good Fortune:

Which one do you prefer?

Tilda’s Birdpond or Kate Spain’s Good Fortune?

Help a gal out here. . .

3 thoughts on “Design input needed

  1. As I scrolled up and down, the second one caught my attention more than the first. Not entirely sure why.
    I’m excited for your talent with fabric (sheesh, you impress me all the time!). I cannot cut a square with any of those fancy cutting tools my mum got me. Every time, they come out crooked!!!!!!!! Looking forward to watching the creation of this new quilt.

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