Anyone for LUTEFISK?


Have you heard of lutefisk?

It’s a traditional dish of some Nordic countries.

It is made from aged whitefish and lye.

Yes LYE.

It is gelatinous in texture and I’ve heard that it’s an ACQUIRED taste.

No shit!

Well, the Sons of Norway lodge near me is hosting their annual Lutefisk and Meatball dinner on November 30th.

I really want to go and see just what all the fuss is about.

This is a two-day event with three seatings a day.

How could there POSSIBLY be that many people who eat lutefisk???

We’re in California, not Scandinavia.

The problem is, I ALREADY told Barbara what lutefisk is, so I don’t think she’d be interested in going.

And I simply can’t think of anyone else who might be adventurous enough to try lutefisk with me.

Personally, I plan on smelling it and perhaps touching a little of the fish jelly to my tongue.

Somehow eating lye just doesn’t sound that good.

I’m sure a lot of these popular retro foods exist because when people were poor and lacked refrigeration, this was a way to preserve their food.

Not ideal, but certainly a necessity.

So I’m curious to SAMPLE it.

Anyone want to try lutefisk with me?

3 thoughts on “Anyone for LUTEFISK?

  1. I had it once in Minnesota and once was enough. The texture is really strange, like a combination of jello and vaseline. It sticks to your throat and the fish taste comes on strong after you eat it. I look forward to hearing about your experience. 🙂

  2. My ?adult? son had a food bet with a friend. Lutefisk was horrible, but possible. He also had hakarl (smelly Icelandic rotten fish) and casu marzu ( French maggoted cheese) that I banished from my house.

  3. It is AWFUL stuff. I have roots from Norway and manage to eat many things, but not this one. Most stores (Safeway) will order it in specifically for you if you ask.

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