Priceless Memories

If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, then it comes as no surprise to you that I LOVE CHRISTMAS.

The holidays just fill me with happiness and cheer.

I once fell in love with a man over the Christmas holiday season and although the relationship didn’t last, that feeling of awe and good will lingers.

I took my Christmas card pictures in May.

I ordered my cards in September.

I purchased all my gifts in October and November.

And now everything is wrapped and I am READY TO CELEBRATE.

Bring on VACATION!

My favorite thing is to watch the holiday decorations get set up at my parent’s house.

One decoration that never ceases to amaze me is my mom’s Mr. Christmas Santa’s Grand Marching Band.

Five little Santas holding two brass bells each strike their bells in time to make Christmas music.

It’s just beautiful.

The entire unit plays 25 Christmas carols from Silent Night to Silver Bells.

I bought this musical toy for my mom in Capitola at a gift shop while out with my Christmas boyfriend in 2009.

We were strolling through shops, just looking at things when the Grand Marching Band caught my eye.

You can hang it on your Christmas tree OR set it up on a table or mantle.

It’s very versatile.

Sadly, my mom has stored the Grand Marching Band in a location that we can’t seem to find and so last Christmas I didn’t get to hear Santa’s little bells ring.

This year I am determined to find it or else replace it with a new one.

However, Santa’s Grand Marching Band has become somewhat of a collector’s item which means if I don’t locate my mom’s, I’ll have to buy one from $150 – $300.

You can imagine I’m going to search FAR AND WIDE for the one we’ve misplaced.

But if I don’t find it, I love it enough to not be too heartbroken to have to pay to replace it.

Mr. Christmas Santa’s Grand Marching Band – $150

Christmas memories with chiming bells – PRICELESS


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  1. That is absolutely awesome adorable!!!!!! I’m a nativity fiend. I have them everywhere in several different mediums. I’m not sure why…I think it is because there are so many ways to display this event.

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