Bizarre Bazaar


I can finally talk about unSCruz because it’s been announced that the theme is Bizarre Bazaar and the event will last FOUR days, instead of three.

I’m so excited I could just spit.

In case you don’t know, unSCruz is a regional Burning Man event that takes place the first weekend of May at the Santa Cruz Fairgrounds.

It’s A TON of fun!

Imagine art, lights, music, dancing, fire, drinks, and costumes like you can’t believe.

Every year I fall more and more in love with this event.

It’s truly the most burner fun you can have outside of Burning Man.

Of course, Precompression, Decompression, and Pagan Bunny Burn are a close second BUT. . .

unSCruz has showers.

‘Nuf said.

In any case, I’m scouring the internet for costume ideas for unSCruz.

For some reason this year I’m in to funny hats.

I really want to buy some unique and colorful hats to wear and etsy is RIPE with funny hats!

Check out these hats below:

5 thoughts on “Bizarre Bazaar

  1. The flowing vine thing is lovely, but more apt for an inside party! I can imagine what sort of havoc wind and weather would make of it. Hats are GREAT fun, if they stay on your head and don’t fall apart. Some of my favorite creations were titanic hats I made for a play.

      • I made this amazing hat from the pattern and styrofoam and flowers and veiling and it barely made it thru rehearsals and the few shows!

      • I only have a blue one with feathers and a pink one with white feathers in my possession. The amazing one I gave to the girl who wore it (she was the mayor’s wife in ‘Music Man’). Not sure how to add photos to a comment…. I’ll see what I can do! :0)

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