So there’s this thing out there.

It’s called ASMR:

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

It’s a feeling of well-being combined with a tingling sensation in the scalp and down the back of the neck that some people experience in response to gentle stimulus – like a soft sound.

I’m going to be straight with you.

I just recently discovered mukbang (when an online host eats large amounts of food while interacting with the audience).

And slime squishing (no explanation necessary).

And what these things have in common is ASMR.

Ignoring the fact that I’m about 10 years late to this party, I must say “I LOVE ASMR.”

I don’t get tingly, but what I do get is a feeling of satisfaction while I watch mukbang, ASMR, and slime videos.

Are you cutting kinetic sand with a knife?

I want to watch.

Eating a bucket of spicy glass noodles?

I’m there.

Squishing slime peppered with glitter?

Yes, please!

I’m not sure why I’m drawn to ASMR, but I love it.

So I’m going to leave you with one of the funniest, yet satisfying videos to watch:

P.S.  ASMR has hit the main stream.  Check out this Superbowl commercial for Michelob Ultra featuring ASMR:

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  1. While you’re into eating sound videos, we’re leaning towards back scratching & massage ASMR videos. We enjoy it so much till we decided to start our own channel lol 🙂

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