Freeze Dried Meals

My first burn, when I was staying in a tent with a cooler and a small gas stove, I lived off of hardboiled eggs, pre-cooked bacon, and cheese quesadillas.

What I’m trying to say is that my food was pretty basic.

And repetitive.

The last three years I have been spoiled by staying in Tejas’ RV.

With a freezer AND fridge, I had everything I needed to keep food stored properly and really indulge in “fancy” meals.

Butter chicken and basmati rice.

Beef stew and garlic bread.

Thai chicken salad sandwiches.


This year I’m going back to the basics and I’m trying to figure out what to bring to the burn as far as food goes.

This Mountain House 14-day emergency food kit looks AWFULLY good to me:

Granted, it’s all free-dried food, but it’s relatively inexpensive, easy to make, and easy to clean up after.

I’ve tried some of the food and it’s not all that bad.

Salty, but then again you need salt in the desert.

Have any of you used freeze dried meals at Burning Man?  What were your thoughts?  Likes?  Dislikes?

It would sure be convenient to just get a box (or a bucket) of meals and call it a day!

4 thoughts on “Freeze Dried Meals

  1. The only reason I plugged in was for the microwave. Given that, one year was potatoes as my starch with 6 different sauces. Another year was Indian MREs.

  2. This brand is pretty good. My youngest uses them all the time when he camps. I didn’t pay attention, I’ll ask again, though. There are a couple that are NOT ones to repeat! lol

  3. You do know that No Drama Camp has a Camp Kitchen, with Grill, Microwave, Toaster, Burners. It in a 10X20 Garage. Just saying.

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