Thick thighs and all

I’ve been putting together costumes for unSCruz.

Warm ones with onesies:

The thing is, I told a friend about my onesie fest and she kinda gave me a look that said, “But what if it’s hot?”

And ever since then I’ve been thinking about unSCruz being warm.

My first year it rained.

My second year it was cold.

My third year was warm.

It’s really hard to predict what the weather will be so I have to be prepared for everything, in a location somewhat close to the Pacific Ocean, where the weather can be super hot or alarmingly cold.

I’ve got two outfits for Burning Man, my Peacock outfit and my Butterfly outfit:

They’ll be completely assembled by May and I could definitely wear them at unSCruz if it’s warm.

The trick, of course, if working up the confidence to slip into a pair of short shorts and show the world my thick ass thighs.

I always cringe a little when I show my legs.

I am no Heidi Klum.

But the ONE PLACE you should be able to go judgment-free is unSCruz so I’m going to muster up the courage, place one foot in front of the other, and wander the rows in unSCruz, oblivious to the looks I’m getting.

Mind you, I have no intention of standing next to my beautiful skinny friends – you know who you are.

But I’ll be out there doing my best to be comfortable in my own skin.

Thick thighs and all.

One thought on “Thick thighs and all

  1. Being ok with my shapes is difficult. I hope it’s in between temps, so you can wear a onesie comfortably at least part of the time!

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