Face Paint

I chickened out.

Yes, I did.

Instead of doing a half dragon face or a face painted dragon for the Dragon party, I did nothing.

That’s right.

I got all the face paint, sponges and brushes that I need and then I did nothing with them.

This is not new for me.

Often times, I make plans and then decide at the last minute I don’t have it in me to execute them.

Really, what I need to do is to practice my makeup skills more.

My birthmother is FANTASTIC at face painting and I think I could be very good as well, if only I tried a little bit.

I watch some makeup artists on YouTube.

They do UNBELIEVABLE work, much more complicated than my little reindeer face paint, like this female Venom face paint:

I’ve learned, over the years, that it’s not so much preciseness that counts when doing makeup as much as tools and blending that matters.

Brushes are NECESSARY.


Fucked up your eye shadow?


Can’t achieve a flawless finish with your foundation?

Use a brush.

If I learned face paint just a little bit, it could be my gift to the playa.

I could set up a booth and paint the faces of all the beautiful playa people.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

2 thoughts on “Face Paint

  1. Yay! I’ve done face painting before for kid’s bday parties! Very simple designs like butterflies, crowns, Spider-Man, animals etc. We can include face painting during my wine and paint extravaganza this year if you are interested? It’ll give you a reason to practice more!

  2. Since you are now part of No Drama, you need to be work with Julie, for our second Year of MoonBeams Wine and Body Paint Spectacular.

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