Missing Ribs

I follow a bunch of “Instagram models” and celebrities on Instagram.


Because. . . Instagram.

Since popular culture has decided to show me the female body in a less than diverse manner than it’s represented in real life, I consider Instagram my therapy.

I can follow short women, round women, curvy women, fat women, thin women, athletic women and just about any kind of woman you can dream up.

Some of my favorites are:


I also follow Suicide Girls, which is sort of a site for counterculture women with tattoos, colorful hair, and piercings.

These women tend to be more on the skinny side, less on the curvy side.

Until this:

Now, I’m not gonna say I didn’t have to pause a second before moving on, because I paused for a GOOD LONG WHILE before I took a snapshot.

What I am going to say is, “IS THIS PHOTOSHOPPED?”

Honestly, it doesn’t look real.

I’m no Photoshop expert, but I swear something here is stinky.

Either that or she had some ribs removed.

3 thoughts on “Missing Ribs

  1. I am not so sure, I work with Photoshop a lot and I could not find any of the tell tale artifacts I normally find, now a over all adjustment may have been applied like skewing the entire photo to make her appear taller and thinner but structure behind her does not look out of shape. I agree she is worth the extra attention.

  2. First, I had to enlarge it cuz yeah…strange. Then, I noticed how many movie tats she had. Then, I wondered if it was the way she was standing that was making her look so odd. But, in retrospect, it’s probably more editing than stance.

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