On playa face painting

As it turns out, face painting requires A LOT of accessories.

First of all, you need face paint.

I can’t help but hope that it’s all hypo-allergenic.

Then you need brushes to apply the face paint.

And, of course, disposable sponges to paint larger areas.

Q-tips and disposable eye shadow applicators to paint areas like lips.

Which brings me to the topic of this day’s post:  SANITATION.

If I’m on the playa painting faces, I need to follow safe face painting practices.

Hand sanitizer, between guests.

Brush cleaner.

Disposable makeup wipes.

And disposable headbands, so I’m not painting people’s hair:

You’d think all you need to paint faces is a brush and some face paint but I’m here to tell you no, there’s SO MUCH MORE THAT GOES INTO IT.

I’ve even bought a Face Painting book:

It should tell me step by step how to create specific looks.

I imagine I’m going to practice on Gavin at home to perfect my technique.

Poor kid!

2 thoughts on “On playa face painting

  1. Just keep in mind the crayons like paint you have in your first picture melts like crazy out there! Love your excitement about this!! I have a bunch of body paint too you can use! 😘

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