I am a genius!

I got this (what I’d call) BRILLIANT idea the other day and I’m just bursting to tell someone.

You know those cheap Asian websites that sell random stuff?

Well, I was browsing stuff the other day and I came across this:

Yes, it’s a shower curtain, but more importantly it has this great pop culture design on it.

Something I’d like to stand in front of and pose with with all my friends.

It made me think of my shade structure at unSCruz, which is red and has three walls to enclose it.

While people are waiting in line to participate in our interactivity, we could seriously hang this along the wall and let them pose for pictures in front of them.

So I browsed some more, and I came up with two more pop culture shower curtains which would look ever so cool hanging against my shade structure, just inviting people to pose.

They’re AWESOME, aren’t they?

All I have to do is rig them up along the outside walls of my canopy and VOILÁ. . .

. . . instant photo op.

I am a genius!

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