Rocky Road

No, I’m not talking about the Rubicon Trail.

I’m talking about the ice cream..

Let me use it in a sentence:

I wouldn’t call me vanilla. I’m more like rocky road.

Let’s just say I’ve had a few nuts in me.

Yuck, yuck, yuck!

I’m not sure where I first heard the term “vanilla.”

It must’ve been my “Wrong Man” boyfriend.

It’s usually said in hushed whispers by non-vanilla folks.

As in, “I’m throwing a party but a bunch of my vanilla friends are coming so no play.”

Or, “I want to set you up with a friend of mine.  He’s non-vanilla so you can have fun with him.”

Something like that.

Me, personally?

I’m not vanilla anymore; I’m more like rocky road.

I’m still a wholesome creamy treat but I’ve also got a few nuts and smushmallows in me to make it a little more exciting.

Who likes rocky road?