Winner, winner chicken dinner!

I’m just going to say this because it makes me happy.

Today one of my bosses complimented my work on a project.

I virtually BLOSSOMED from the compliment!

It was so nice to hear, especially after I BOMBED helping out a colleague by providing support for her VIP.

Ok, maybe I didn’t bomb.

But I sure as hell didn’t get any compliments.

So you can imagine that this compliment was MUSIC to my ears.

My boss then proceeded to ask me to sit on a hiring committee because I know the university culture and can make suggestions regarding acculturation.

Of course I said yes.

And can I tell you, I’m pleased as punch to have someone appreciate my talents in the office.

I’ve been doing this 14 years.

I hope I’ve learned a thing or two.

To be honest, BOMBING with the VIP contributed to my newfound success with my own boss.

It made me think about how to better support my boss’ activities and research.

I started to emulate what my colleague does to support her VIP.

And wouldn’t you know it?

It’s being met with approval.

I must thank her for going on vacation and giving me training on what she does to support her VIP.

Clearly, she knows how to support someone with a complex calendar and set of activities.

Winner, winner chicken dinner!